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About Us

We are a gathering of a few dozen people, seeking to know and love God as revealed in Jesus Christ. We believe that because of his great kindness, we have received new life in his name. We meet regularly to know God and each other better, to pray, sing His praises and give thanks. We aim to help people receive God's salvation here and in other parts of the world.

Some of us live near the church building, in Bow and Poplar. Others of us used to live here, but have had to move further out into East London because of housing costs; yet such is the bond that God has made between us, that we still travel back here to be together in Christ. We, or our parents, are from many different countries around the world, but what God has given us in common is worth far more than all our differences.

For a little more on what we believe, please see:

Two ex-members and good friends of the Lighthouse have contributed two pages on the history of the church:

The Lighthouse is affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

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The church building is currently shared with a Portuguese-language fellowship, Igreja Batista Betel (Bethel Baptist Church), who meet on Sunday afternoons.