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Luke 20:9-19 – Rejecting Jesus

What happens when people reject God?  Are we in danger of doing that?  (Neville Reid, 11 March 2018)

Luke 19:45–20:8 – By what authority?

Jesus' conduct was a challenge to the high-ups in Jerusalem.  When they asked him about his authority, he asked them a sharp question straight back.  Where did his authority come from, and where should we look in our own times when there is such a crisis of authority?  (Erik Pattison, 4 March 2018)

Isaiah for Today, part 5: Hope for all the nations

All over the book are promises that go beyond Israel to its neighbours and all nations.  Isaiah's concern and vision is far wider than the nationalistic interpretation that has become dominant in recent times.  Along with other prophets, he foretold the gospel of Christ, with a vision for the whole world.  Key passages: Isaiah chapters 9, 19, 49, 51 and 60; Revelation 21.  (Erik Pattison, 25 February 2018)

Luke 19:28-44 – Gladness and Sadness

Jesus' coming to Jerusalem would bring both salvation and judgment.  May we be among those who welcome him, and willingly embrace the cost of doing so.   (Neville Reid, 25 February 2018)

Isaiah for Today, part 4: The Two Jerusalems

Isaiah speaks words of horrific doom and glorious promise over Jerusalem (Zion).  How is this reconciled in the New Testament?   Key passages: Isaiah chapters 2, 3 and 54; Galatians 4; Revelation 11 and 21.  (Erik Pattison, 18 February 2018)

Luke 19:10-28 – Put this to work

Seeing great injustice in this age, we cry: isn't God going to DO something?  And in the meantime, what should we do?  (Neville Reid, 18 February 2018)

Isaiah for Today, part 3: The Kingdom Reborn

As a highborn politician, Isaiah was distressed over the failures of government.  Weary of the rulers in his day, what joy was his to receive visions of the future King.  Key passages: chapters 7, 9, 32, 40 and 49.  (Erik Pattison, 11 February 2018)

Talks on Luke chapters 1 to 19

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Talks on Isaiah

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